The first Puppy of ETH and BSC Newtwork!  
Dogita is a unique update to viral memecoins  

It emerged on the market to become the biggest Memecoin than other dogs

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    Join us in our quest to reach Binance!

    By purchasing any of our valuable NFTs, you're directly contributing to our goal of being listed on the world's largest exchange. Be a part of this exciting journey and help us soar to new heights in the cryptocurrency market!

    100% of NFT purchases and USDT fees from this wallet will be allocated towards listing on Binance. Additionally, 10% of the project's marketing wallet, which is replenished daily, will be transferred to the NFT wallet, further bolstering our listing efforts.

    About DOGITA

    Dogita is the latest meme to become BSC hype, with the intention of migrating to the ETH network later. In addition to becoming fun, popular and beloved. We decided to create a fun token similar to today's biggest hypes, such as Dogecoin, Flok, Bonk and PEPE, of course with a feminine touch.   

    Dogita has unique characteristics that make it shine among other current coins. Coming soon with a gigantic NFT collection from the cutest of us all.

    With bold marketing, and reaching places that no other memecoin coin has reached, we hope to soon launch the same Dogita version for the Ethereum network, bringing a new type of audience to the most fun memecoin today.

    Toke nomics

    About Token

    • Token Name:
    • DOGITA
    • Token Symbol:
    • DOGA
    • Total Supply:
    • 100,000,000,000
    • Presale + Liquidity
    • 100%
    • Fees:
    • 4/4
    • ERC20:
    • 0x488542C2320F20D65405a1C03DA769Bc124F9A28
    • BEP20:
    • 0x05311d9aA0E17D1071986146CeD510C85c71B52f
    • SOL:
    • AYgw6k8ZzjkmTMAqrV8hbBe53uM8CrWwcbHuk5RMh6Qt

    our partners

    Giant Marketing

    We are thrilled to announce that we are taking a comprehensive approach to promote the Dogita token and strengthen its presence in the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets. As part of this commitment, we are developing a multifaceted marketing strategy that will be implemented across various prominent platforms.

    Our approach to each of these platforms: Yahoo Finance, CoinTelegraph, YouTubers, Calls, and AMAs, is designed to maximize visibility, engagement, and community interaction. We aim to deliver tailored content and initiatives that resonate with each platform's audience while maintaining a consistent message across all channels. By leveraging the unique strengths of each platform, we can effectively communicate the value proposition of Dogita and foster a vibrant and supportive community around the token.



    Phase 1

    • Website Launch ✅
    • Presale ✅
    • Pancakeswap Launch ✅
    • Giant marketing on Yahoo Finance and others similar ✅

    Phase 2

    • CoinSult Audit ✅
    • Listing CoinMarketCap ✅
    • Listing CoinGecko ✅
    • Huge Marketing Push ✅
    • 1000+ Holders ✅

    Phase 3

    • 2000+ Holders ✅
    • Bitmart Listing ✅
    • 3000+ Holders ✅
    • 4000+ Holders ✅
    • ETH Fairlaunch ✅

    Last Phase

    • Certik Audit ✅
    • LBANK Listing ✅
    • Fairlaunch SOLANA ✅
    • Fairlaunch BASE (progress)
    • Crosschain (ETH | BNB | SOL) (progress)
    • Launch on UpBit (July 03th)
    • Gate.io Listing (progress)
    • Kucoin Listing (soon)
    • Bybit Listing (soon)
    • Binance Exchange (soon)


    A little bit of us

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